Newborn Portraits

Remember this moment ~ They are only this little once

Capturing this precious newborn life and the tiniest details is priceless. From flaky fresh skin to tiny fingers and toes, from pouty lips with milk blisters to tender curls and baby fuzz. Everything that is unique and special about your baby is going to be captured through my lens.

Newborn Portraits FAQs

When should I book my newborn session?

Ideally, your newborn session should be booked at least 2-3 months before your due date to ensure a spot on my calendar. Once you are booked, you will contact me within 48 hours after the baby’s birth so we can put a firm date on the calendar, preferably within 2 weeks of birth.

Why do newborn portraits need to take place during the first 2 weeks after birth? That’s such a challenging time for parents.

When babies are first born, they naturally retain many of the positions they had in the womb. They bend and curl up into irresistible poses and they often sleep like a rock! They only have the newborn look for a short while and, before you know it, all of those little characteristics will be gone.

Premature newborn sessions take place once baby has reached a healthy weight (at least 6 pounds), typically closer to the date they were originally due.

Where and when does the newborn session take place?

The newborn session takes place in my home studio in Washougal, located just 15 minutes east of the I-205/Hwy 14 interchange. Sessions are available Monday – Friday and start at 10 a.m.

Once your session is booked, we discuss preparing for your session in greater detail.

How should I prepare for the newborn session?

The portraits I take require the baby to be sleeping so all of the things I mention below will help us achieve a sleepy baby and the beautiful images you desire of your baby. Please review thoroughly. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Newborns sessions (excluding mini session) take between 2-3 hours. Babies work on their own schedule and not ours! Most of this time is spent feeding and soothing baby into a deep sleep.


Baby needs to be “milk drunk” for the entire session. Sometimes nursing moms aren’t producing enough milk to get baby’s belly completely full and “milk drunk.” If baby doesn’t have a full belly, she won’t fall into the deep sleep required for many of the poses. Mom’s need to bring at least 2 bottles for feeding or supplies for nursing. The warm studio environment makes baby eat more than normal so bring more than you think you need. Babies have guzzled 10 ounces of milk during a session before!  Please do not feed the baby a full feeding for two hours before the session and keep the baby awake for at least one hour before the session. Giving baby a bath is a good way to keep them awake and soften their skin  Baby shall be fed immediately at the beginning of the session. The baby must be dressed in loose fitting clothing for ease of changes for portraits.


Bring a pacifier to the session even if you do not plan on using one in the future. This is extremely helpful for soothing baby. The pacifier is a lifesaver and calms the baby into a deep sleep so we can pose her properly.


  • My studio will be a balmy 85 degrees to keep baby warm and sleepy. It’s cozy for baby, but hot for us. Dress lightly for warm temperatures.
  • I would love to photograph mommy and daddy with baby too. I recommend parents wear neutral color clothing (white/gray/cream/tan). Bring an extra change of clothes in case baby goes potty on you.
  • Consider bringing a snack since the session takes quite a while. Bring your smartphone or tablet and enjoy some quiet time in the adjacent living room (free wifi available).
  • I will be soothing and holding baby most of the time so I can position them easily for posing the next shot. Do not worry if baby pees or poops on me or my blankets and props. It happens at every session and is expected.

What happens if my baby won’t sleep for the photo session?

I do my best to create an atmosphere in my studio that induces sleep.  With a warm room temperature of about 80+ degrees, white noise and a full belly, we increase the chances that baby will sleep and allow me to pose her.  But life happens.  Sometimes baby isn’t getting enough milk from nursing to be milk drunk or sometimes baby is gassy.  We do our best with what baby is giving us at the time.  That may mean that we snuggly swaddle baby for the session to calm her down or it could mean that we have awake photos instead of sleepy photos.

Do I need to bring props (hats, blankets, etc.)?

My style is simple and clean using mostly neutral color palettes. I provide all of the fabric and props for the sessions. Please let me know in advance if you wish to bring any of your own props.

I want my other children to be included in some newborn shots, but they are young and don’t have the patience to be in the studio for 2-3 hours. What can we do?

I’m happy to capture a moment with your newborn’s siblings. I like to remind parents that toddlers have a lot of wiggle in them and sometimes don’t want to sit for a photo with baby. I will do my best to coach them, but I can’t force siblings to cooperate. Since the focus of this session is on the newborn, I will spend most of the photo session on baby and allow a limited time for sibling poses. Sibling poses are scheduled at the beginning of the session so children can leave with family/friend right afterward.

Siblings will not be able to stay in the studio room throughout the shoot. However, an adult may supervise the children in the adjacent living room. Please remember that a newborn session is a long one and little kids normally don’t have the patience to make it through. If possible, consider having Dad or Grandma take them to the Camas Library or Crown Park/Top Burger to play while we complete the photo session with mom and baby.

How much newborn retouching is performed?

My photography style is considered a “clean natural look.” My goal is to enhance what is already there in a natural way.  Blemishes and scratches will be removed and skin tone will be evened out. Some flaky skin will be left in the image.

How much time do I have to view my photo gallery?

Within 2 weeks of your photo session, your online gallery will be available for viewing your images and placing your order. You will place your order online in the comfort of your home. If you prefer to order with me in person, we can schedule an appointment. You will have 2 weeks to place your order. Your gallery will automatically expire and go offline at that time. A $25 fee is charged to reactivate your gallery.

When will I receive my digital images or prints?

Digital image purchases are available via download (no flash drive/cd) typically within two business days of purchase. Prints are shipped directly to your home and usually arrive within two weeks of purchase.

I want the digital files. So why would I buy prints from you when I can do that myself?

The prints you order from me are professional prints and will last a lifetime. The colors of your prints will be true to life. I use a professional photo lab; they are not printed from my office printer.

All my products are printed on high quality paper, which means your photography will look beautiful and have a standard archival value of 100+ years. Prints made at places like Costco, Snapfish, Walgreens, and Walmart will not have the same quality or longevity as a professional lab, and the colors of their prints may not match the colors you see on your screen. Their printers and photo paper are just not of the same caliber.

You just invested in professional photography and you want your tangible product to be high quality. It’s great to have your digital photos for making announcements/greeting cards and for posting on social media, but computers crash, hard drives fail, flash drives get lost.

Don’t let your beautiful photos sit on a computer. Prints are forever! These are the prints that you will hand down to your children and your grandchildren someday.

Go ahead and get the digital files, but I recommend getting some prints that you can keep forever.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes!  You can order them here.

Newborn Photography Pricing

For mobile devices, turn horizontally for best viewing.



$100 deposit required to book

20 Retouched Digital Images

with print release

Photo Session Length: 

Average 2-3 hours

Includes Sibling/Parent Poses:




Option to Purchase Professional Prints: